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About Us


All children are capable.

We recognize that all children are born ready to learn. Every child has potential that is waiting to be tapped. We identify educational strategies that provide students with opportunities for success while presenting them with challenges that encourages them to expand and grow a little every day.  We have high expectations for our students.  Our goal is to support students in achieving their greatest potential.

All Children are special.

We recognize every child as an individual with unique strengths. Individualized instruction ensures that children are supported and their individual differences are used to inform instruction.

All children deserve to be respected.

Positive discipline strategies are used to teach problem solving, social skills, conflict resolution, and self-regulation.  Discipline is not used to punish students for making mistakes.  Mistakes are opportunities for learning and growing when explored and discussed.

All children enjoy learning.

Learning should be fun no matter what age.  Curriculum is always student-led with a focus on child interest.  Activities are developmentally appropriate and incorporate play and exploration. Students who enjoy what they are doing not only will learn more, but will go on to develop a life-long love of learning.

What People Say


"Whatever you have done with my son has been amazing, and my daughter seems to be on the same path."





"Excellent supervision of the children...very intuitive regarding my child's individual needs...good communication with parents."





The autism program is amazing. The structure of the program and the skills and knowledge of the teachers is evident through the improvements my child has made. Staff actually cares and my child is getting the services he needed so badly.



I wish I had enrolled my daughter sooner...amazing.








Satisfied Parents

Recent news

Redstone awarded 5 stars for fourth year in a row

April, 2019. Redstone Schoolhouse once again received the highest quality rating given by the Ohio Department of Education for providing the optimal learning enviornment for children. Everything from the educational background of our teachers, our classroom assessments, lesson plans, and classroom enviornment was inspected and everyone agrees....we're tops in our field!!!

Don't leave your child just anywhere. Your child deserves the best start in life. The first few precious years, a child's  brain development is incredible and with the right stimulation, they can be prepared to succeed in school and in life. Before you leave your child anywhere else, find out if your center has been rated by Step Up to Quality and how many stars they were awarded. Give your child the finest quality experiences and the best start available.

How can I help my child get ready to read?


Immerse your child in sounds, in letters, in stories, rhymes and books. That's the best way to train his or her brain for the work of reading.  Waiting at the chek out line at the grocery store? Make up a rhyme or play with words that rhyme. Home and bored after dinner? put on some musice, tell a family story or a funny story and ask your child to predict the ending or to retell the beginning. Point out letters and words when you're driving. And, of course, read to your child as much as possible.

Positive Discipline for your preschooler


1. "Because I SAY SO!" doesnt teach your child self discipline and responsibility. Try instead including your child in creating some important behavior rules and the consequences for breaking those rules.  Explain and teach your child why some behavior is unacceptable.. 

2. Teach your child that EVERY emotion is ok. Its ok to feel sad or angry. Its not ok to hit your friend when you're angry. Teach them things that they CAN do when they feel negative emotions. Some kids feel better when they do something physical, some when they draw a picture or listen to music.