General information

Redstone Schoolhouse provides education and care for children from 2 weeks and up. We also house Spectrum Academy which provides free Autism and Special Education to exceptional children through the Ohio Department of Education scholarships. 

We are open from 6am-6pm Monday-Friday. 

We accept County Reimbursements for low income working families.

We are a 5 Star Step Up to Quality Center. That means we provide the highest quality care possible in the state of Ohio. Look around, there aren't very many 5-star centers in Ashtabula County. We are proud to have received the highest rating in the state for 4 years in a row.

We can be reached at 440-563-3315

Babies & Toddlers

Our infant and Toddler rooms are specially designed to provide the crucial stimulation that our tiniest students need to grow and expand their bodies and their brains. Our lead teachers specialize in providing the little ones with educational experiences in a loving and safe enviornment.  The babies grow to their highest potential and parents have peace of mind. You also recieve a detailed Child Development Report three times per year or whenever you request it. This helps us recognize your child's areas of strength and identify areas for growth and ensure your child is on the track for success.

Preschool & Kindergarten

The ages between 3-6 is a particularly important period for a child's cognitive development. The young brain is constatnly creating new connections and expanding cognitive skills htrough exposure to new and varied sitmuli. What that means is that your child's potential can be unlocked during these years. We take this responsibility very seriously and make every effort to provide your child with the experiences that will help promote positive development. We will  prepare  your child to be successful in school and lay the foundation for their success in life.  Our curriculum emphasizes individualized instruction so that every child gets the experiences they  need for optimal growth. Our unique Child Development Report is delivered three times per year or whenever you request it. This report recognizes areas of strength and identifies areas for growth. This type of assessment informs our teacing to ensure your child gets esactly what he or she needs throughout these critical years.

Autism Full Day Program (9am-3pm)

Spectrum Academy is our Autism and Sepcial Education full-day progrm on site. We are an Autism Scholarship Provider for the Ohio Department of Education as well as a Jon Peterson Scholarship Provider. If your child is diagnosed with Autism or PDD-NOS, and has an IEP from your local school district, they can qualify to attend our program free of charge. Speech, occupational and physical therapies are also included and delivered during school time. A licensed intervention specialist will work with your child to make sure they progress towrads their IEP goals.

Your child doesnt have to go to public school if he or she qualifies. In Ohio, you have a choice.

Big Kids (Before-School, After-School, and Camp)


We're open every day before school starting at 6am and after school until 6pm. We also have a full-day option for those days when the elementary school is closed such as snow days or most school holidays, or summertime. We serve breakfast in the morning, lunch, and an afternoon snack that is always free of charge.

While your child is here, they get homework help and recreation opportunities. When you get home with your child, you can enjoy your time with them instead of worrying about homework.

If your child attends Rock Creek Elementary School, you can drop them off at any time in the morning and we will walk them to school. At the end of the day, we walk to pick them up and bring them to Redstone and you can simply pick them up here.  Don't forget to register your child early a these slots get filled quickly.


Child Development Report


See below a sample of our Child Development Report that is available to parents of students from 2 weeks to Age 6. These are available three times per year at parent-stuent conferences or whenever you request it. This helps us to teach your child and target areas of growth.